Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Getting The Most Money Out Of Your List

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Now you’re on your way to building a massive list. Here are a bunch of different ways to make money with your list. To maximize your income, you should be trying all of these to see which ones your list responds well too.

Affiliate offers - Find affiliate offers that are appropriate for your list. Make sure that whatever you promote, that it is a high quality product and that the sales page converts well. Also, make sure that it is something that your email list will actually want. If you have a list in dog training, they might be interested in a product about dog grooming, but they will probably be more responsive to a product that teaches advanced dog tricks.

Product launches - Make your own products and launch them to your list! You’ve already learned how to create your own products, take it to the next level. Create a larger product and launch it to your list. Whatever you sell will be 100% products. After launching it to your own list, you can get affiliates to sell your product for 50-75% commission. Personally, I give out 75% commission to any product that costs less than $100 and 50% commission to any product that costs more than $100.

One time offers and upsells - With every single offer you send, make sure there are upsells and one time offers. At least a single one time offer, but you can do three or four. Every time someone buy a one time offer they now are redirected to the next highest tier offer. Each higher tier should be a higher price than the last one. If you are promoting an affiliate offer, make sure you get commissions on all upsells and one time offers.

Recurring income - Create a membership site or promote a membership site as an affiliate. You then get recurring monthly payments from each person you sign up to be a member. Anytime you can get a subscriber to commit to a recurring payment, it’s amazing for your income.

Email ads - As long as the offers are of high quality, you can let other people advertise to your list. This involves them paying you a flat rate price and in return you send out a broadcast to your list promoting their offer. This is usually a free product for the other person to build their list, but it may also be a product with a small price if they are trying to build a buyers list.

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