Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why You Need Product to Build A List?

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You need your own product because it’s important to give potential customers an incentive to join your mailing list. You won’t get many people to sign up by just saying, “Hey you! Sign up for my mailing list and I’ll send you stuff to buy!” Instead, give them something of extreme value in exchange for their e-mail address.

The key is that the product needs to help the people you are targeting. If you are building a list in the weight loss market, then give them a product that tells them how to lose weight! It is a common mistake for new marketers to hold back on their free giveaway products. You can always come up with more products later.

If you give a potential customer an amazing product for free that solves their problem and gets results, they will have no problem paying for products in the future. If the product is of such incredibly high quality, they will be eager to pay for another product down the road. You want your customers to be thinking to themselves, “Wow, if this is how amazing the free product is, I wonder what I can expect from a paid product!”
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