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How To Make Product for List Building?

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If you’re new to IM, chances are that making your own product sounds like an intimidating task. It is not that difficult. If you can read and write, then you can make a product. I’m going to show you exactly how to make a product of your own.

Another concern I often hear is that people say that they aren’t a big name expert, so they aren’t qualified to create a product of their own. You don’t need to be an big name in the industry to create a product of value. All you need to do is give the prospect the right information so that they can get the results they want. That is it! If your product can help people get the results that you promised them, then it is a good product.

Before you make your product, you need to decide what your product will be. If your market is weight loss, create a product that explains a good weight loss diet plan and give sample meal recipes. If your market is dating and seduction, then make a product based around overcoming the anxiety of approaching a woman at the bar. Do you see the pattern here? Solve a major problem for people in that market and keep it simple.

Now that you know what your product will be, you need to research it. Pretend that you have that same problem, and go seek the information online. Go to article directories like ezinearticles, or find youtube videos, or just do a simple google search. Find at least five good sources of information and study it. Take extensive notes. While you’re learning you will probably come up with more ideas for products in the future. Write those ideas down for later use.

You might be thinking at this point that if it is that easy to get this information for free on the Internet, why would somebody want my product? People tend to be lazy. People don’t want to find multiple sources and study for a few hours. They want a quick fix. They want information conveniently laid out in front of them. That’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to compile all of the useful information, and give it to them in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

There are three common forms of free products that are given away to build a list. Short reports, videos, and audio files. I’ll tell you how to make each kind of product. When making your first product, just choose the type that you think will be easiest for you to make. If you like to write, do a report. If you like to talk, do an audio or video presentation.

Writing a report is easy. There are three basic parts to a report. The introduction should state what problem the report is going to solve for the client. Then there should be a step-by-step guide to solving that problem. Separate each step into it’s own section. Finally, the conclusion should just paraphrase everything that was in the step-by-step section. Eight to ten pages is plenty for a free report, but if you need to write more, go for it. Stay away from adding fluff just to add to your page count. It will be much more valuable if you just get right to it. If you want, you can make the first page a cover by coloring the background and writing the title in a big font.

If you want to make a video you can do it two ways. You can either just get on camera and speak in front of it, or you can download some free screen capture video software like Cam Studio and do a PowerPoint-style presentation with a microphone. Getting in front of the camera is nice because it automatically starts to create a relationship with the viewer, and it builds massive trust. Whichever you decide, make sure to follow the same guide as the report. Introduction, step-by-step, conclusion.

To make an audio file you can just record your voice talking about the same stuff you would in the video. Another popular way to make an mp3 giveaway is to have somebody interview you about the problem you’re solving, almost like you’re coaching that person. It can be more exciting and will also give you credibility as an authority on the subject.

The most important part about your product is that you need to make sure it works. It must be able to actually solve the problem. If you’re in the make money online market, and you are claiming your product shows you how to sell products from ClickBank, then you should make sure you’ve actually tested it and sold products from ClickBank. Same goes for other products. If you make a report on dog training, test it by helping a friend train their dog.
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