Monday, April 22, 2013

Set Up A Product For Your Website

Now that you have a product, it’s time to set up a website. If you have the money to get some hosting and a domain name, you should do that now.

We’re going to be giving away this product to people and in exchange they are going to be signing up for your list. So, the main page of this website is going to be the opt-in page. An opt-in page is basically like a mini-sales page for your free product, with an opt-in form somewhere on the page.

The copy of this page basically just needs to talk about your free product, and mention how it can help this person. A standard format for writing this kind of copy is:

This is what I have. Tell them what your product is.
This is what it does. Explain what the product is all about.
This is what it can do for you. Show how this benefits them.
This is what I want you to do next. Tell them to opt-in to your list.

Aweber, or whatever autoresponder service you’re using, will have a way to make your opt-in form that you put directly on your webpage. This is where the lead will put in their name and email address to get their free product. Once they input their information, they are now on your list. Your autoresponder will direct them to a page of your choosing.

I have the autoresponder send them to a simple thank you page. Here I tell them that I thank them for their interest, and that their free product will be sent to them in a couple of minutes. Then I tell them that while they are waiting, I want them to take a quick look at something that I think can really benefit them. This is where I pitch a one time offer, either a product I have created, or an affiliate product.

You should always have a one time offer. There is no sense on leaving money on the table when they may be willing to buy right from the beginning.

Now you must make sure to set your autoresponder to send out an email instantly after someone has opted-in to your list. This email should have a link to wherever you are hosting your free product so that they can download it.