Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Drive Traffic To Your Product’s Website

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Now that you have your website up and ready to go, you need to start sending traffic to it. The more targeted traffic you get to your site, the more people will be signing up to your list.

There are plenty of ways to get traffic to your site, I’ll cover a few of the more popular ones here:

SEO means search engine optimization. This is optimizing your website to rank as high as possible in the search engines. If you hit the number one spot for a highly-googled key phrase that has to do with your niche, you can expect a lot of traffic. This also involves a lot of backlinking which can be a huge undertaking if you do it yourself.

PPC ads or pay-per-click ads, are when you are paying per person that clicks on an advertisement leading them to your page. Google is the most common place to set up PPC ads, and it should be your main focus if this is what you are going to be doing. Just make sure that you endlessly test variations of all your ads to maximize your conversions.

Forum advertising is when you join a large public forum that has to do with your market. You participate in the forum, contribute to discussion, and try to give as much helpful advice as possible. In your forum signature, you should have a link to your free product. The better reputation you have on the forum, the more likely people will be to click on your free product offer.

Email ads can be a great way to grow your list fast. Essentially, you are paying people who already have large lists within your market. These people then promote your free offer to their list. You can usually work out an arrangement where they need a minimum number of clicks that must go through to your page. If they can’t provide that minimum, then they have to keep running the ad until they do.

Remember, you don’t need to stick to just one form of traffic. You can try them all and see what works best for you. You can then focus on the one or two that seem to bring in the most leads.
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