Friday, April 5, 2013

Making Your Autoresponder Series Effective

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This is a very important part of email marketing, the key is to invoke an emotional response in your readers. You want them to feel connected to you and that they trust you, doing this will increase the chance they buy from you because they will see you as genuine, this is human nature.

Researchers have found that only about one in three emails are actually opened. It is important that your potential customers find your message useful so they will be sure to be looking for your next email. Also make sure that you send out your autoresponses about twice a week. Again researchers have found that sending out an email twice a week will result in more openings. Any more and your potential customer will feel like they are being bombarded and less than that they will loose interest.

The most successful messages are those that your customer's will appreciate because it will allow them to feel like they are learning something by reading the message. Therefore, these messages need to be created to teach the reader about the benefits of your product. After the customer has been taught then they will be more likely to buy from you as you have become a trusted friend.

At the end of the short series of emails the receiver should be prepared to buy your product. Eight out of every 10 words in your email should be teaching your potential customer about your product.

Do not try to sell them your product until later in the series of emails. Be careful that your emails are not high pitch. Instead, write like you are advising a good friend. They should be conversational in tone with short paragraphs that are very easy to read. Keep them short and very readable. Each email should contain some kind of bait so that they will be looking forward to the next email. Also a great way to keep customers opening your emails is to ask them questions about their needs and concerns. This is also a great way to get contact that really connects with your readers. It also helps to establish the trust level with your reader.

By writing autoresponder messages your customers will appreciate you can greatly increase your sales. These email messages should be easy to read, sound friendly and solve your client's problems. They should teach your potential customer why they need your product.

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